From the album Sleep When I'm Dead


Now it's crazy i see da shit
Neva thought dat I be da shit
Caughta case now I beat da shit
Now how da fuck do I treat da shit
Like I aint learn nothin
I needa car lika elevator push dat button
neighbors wanna relocate when dat shit start cuttin
Wintertime be da time dat you lyin an cuffin
Meanwhile I was in da mix
nigga nickel six
Dey callin when dey fix
I hope dis get fixed my life
Cuz I done risked my life
I take it back like British knights
Why cuz brit is nice
Dey call me trees
Don't fuck wit fleas
Live in da present
Assa adolescent
i Mastered wordplay
Just to show em wut I'm jus like 3rd say
Sleep when I'm dead
I'm ahead wit da lead
But instead I used my iPhone
Smokin an mind blown
Back an forth to philly
Id sign fora milli
But da flow wortha billi
Free skuzz dey call em willie
Ima try to putchu on if I can't den really
It's nothin
Dats nada
We can take it shada
I'm on now and it'sa mindstate
A break from philly
Dats jus to grind weight
Get some knowledge
And my lines straight
So I can chill doe
And have my moms straight
Ina calm place
Nigga what you kno about it